2019 Dodge RAM Power Wagon! w/ Big Truck Big RV Commentary! Truck Talk Tuesday!

2019 Dodge RAM Power Wagon! w/ Big Truck Big RV Commentary! Truck Talk Tuesday! – As Cummins Celebrates our 100th year in business in 2019, we also celebrate a 30-year partnership with RAM truck that started with the Cummins 5.9L Turbo …


2019 ram 2500 diesel – Today we are showing you guys the 2019 Dodge Ram Power Wagon brought to you at the 2019 North American Auto Show! The brand new Dodge 2500’s were all over and on display, so we wanted to do a full walk around and share with you guys what we had access to.

If you guys don’t know JD from Big Truck Big RV (BTBRV), you should! JD has an engineering background, and has a YouTube channel dedicated to helping folks understand trucks and RV’s. He’s my go-to resource for learning the latest and greatest about trucks, but also having a technical aspect to his commentary that helps me understand what I’m actually seeing.

JD and I met up at the NAIAS and got to review a handful of trucks, including this behemoth! This truck is equipped with the 6.4L gas HEMI, with the Power Wagon trim. This truck was absolutely beautiful, and I can see why it had a lot of folks turning heads.

Granted most lawn care / landscape guys won’t be boping house to house in one of these, but if you are the owner of the company and looking for a brute vehicle with the luxury of an office rolling on wheels, this may be for you. This is arguably one of the nicest looking interiors that I have sat it, and that 12

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